Easy Administration

With over 10 years of experience in Administration services, Easy Administration can help with those tasks that chew up your precious time. Offering Remote Virtual Assistant services, let us deal with the paperwork, while you get on with the work you love.

Weekly services we offer:

  • sending invoices
  • reconciling payments / invoices
  • manage service agreements
  • manage initial appointments
  • create client files in your CRM program
  • electronic filing
  • follow up outstanding invoices
  • manage DocuSign account
  • manage intake and or waitlist
  • provide a ‘Buddy’ service

We can also provide template forms and documents for your use, set up your DocuSign account, arrange travel as needed and other services as required.

We have packages available based on the number of clients you see each week or we can also offer a retainer of a minimum of 10 hours to use for regular and one-off tasks.

Contact us today to discuss your Administration needs.